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What is Linen Loss?
07 May

What is Linen Loss?

If you work in the medical industry, your facility has most likely experienced linen loss. But what does that mean and how does it affect your business?

Nearly 90% of all linen used in U.S. hospitals (including bed linen, scrubs, and more) does not reach its full useful life. This costs the healthcare industry more than $840 million annually! It’s essential to reduce linen loss so that your business doesn’t suffer financial consequences.

With over 40 years of industry experience, we know how negative the impact of linen loss can be.

Here is some more information on linen loss and how you can prevent it at your facility today:

How Does Linen Loss Occur?

When you order linens, you expect them to last a long time through multiple washes and uses. However, a lot of linens end up slipping through the cracks and disappearing before they were used to their full potential. How does this happen?

Linen is wasted in a variety of ways. Commonly, linen is wasted when employees accidentally take scrubs home, patients take linen because they think it’s complimentary, and employees dispose linen improperly as red bag waste or in the garbage.

All of these instances add up; over time, your facility is ordering more linen and consequently spending more money!

How Can You Prevent Linen Loss in Your Facility?

As problematic as linen loss is, there are solutions. One of the most effective ways to prevent your healthcare facilities from losing linens is to work closely with your linen provider. They can provide linen audits, which help identify the extent of the problem. FDR conducts monthly reports with our clients to pinpoint any issues and find opportunities to reduce costs.

Another solution is to educate your employees. Make sure they understand what linen loss is and how significant of an impact it has. FDR offers on-site linen management as well as on-site product training. It’s helpful to give employees the opportunity to connect and learn from the linen provider directly.

Make sure there is defined signage above disposal areas so that employees know which bags are for linens and which are for garbage. Clearly marking these areas throughout your facility with the use of signs and posters can help your employees avoid making common mistakes.

Work with a Linen Provider Who Puts Their Customers First

Employees mistakenly taking home scrubs, patients taking home linens, and improper linen disposal causes linen loss for all types of medical facilities.

Textile loss is common and the financial repercussions are huge. Not to mention, keeping track of linens and having to order more and more is time consuming and inconvenient. Working with a reliable linen provider like FDR Services can help take this big weight off of the shoulders of you and your staff.

Contact FDR Services today for a quote on our medical linen and laundering services and start preventing linen loss at your facility today! You can reach us at 516-483-6111.


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