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Healthcare Linen Rental

High Quality

Healthcare Linen Rental

Patient & Resident Clothing Laundry Service

Patient & Resident
Clothing Laundry Service


FDR Services Corp. offers a turnkey linen rental system to fit any facility’s size and budget. These days, navigating the complexities of providing healthcare services within a rapidly changing environment is challenging enough, so let the experts at FDR handle your day to day linen and uniform needs, so you can focus on delivering the best medical care possible.

FDR’s complete linen rental services and processing program is the most popular and cost-effective option for our customers. With a dedicated and experienced team, FDR has streamlined the linen rental process for our clients.

Improve your linen quality and distribution with FDR standards:

  • State-of-the-art processing equipment
  • High-quality product offering
  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated account executive, available 24/7
  • Low capital outlay
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FDR Services Corp. brings the comfort, care and cleanliness of home laundering to our customers that operate rehabilitation and extended stay health care facilities. Outsourcing resident clothing services to FDR might just be the best decision you make as an operator or administrator. Managing the daily needs of a diverse resident population can be challenging enough. FDR lightens the workload for staff, caregivers, and family members by maintaining the residents’ laundry needs from start to finish. The laundry is picked up, delivered and bar coded to ensure that the patients receive their garments in a timely manner. Family members can spend more time with their loved ones, and less time in their laundry rooms. As an administrator, outsourcing provides all the benefits of in- house laundering, without the burden and cost of operating a laundry room.

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A Secure Closed-Loop System That Works

When FDR processes resident clothing, it begins and ends with the highest level of care. In order to properly keep track of clothing, each resident is provided with a color-coded net bag. Each bag has a special barcode and RFID tag indicating the resident’s room and bed number, as well as the facility name.

To fit your residents’ needs, clean clothing can be delivered and clearly identified with a barcode in a heat sealed plastic package or on hangers. The net bag will return with the clean clothes as well.

Resident clothing is efficiently cleaned in our state-of-the-art facilities. FDR Services Corp.’s software system tracks each net bag to ensure every piece of clothing is delivered to the right person, every time.

Uniform Services

Effortlessly enhance your facility’s image. Give your company a more professional look. Ensure a pristine appearance. When you utilize FDR’s uniform services, you’ll benefit from all of this, plus more. FDR offers a wide range of uniform options that cater to every department’s specific needs. Our uniform rental catalog has been carefully curated to offer a diverse range of garment options. From uniform basics to the latest trends, one look at our product offering and you’ll understand why FDR is one of the largest independently-owned uniform rental companies in the region. We know healthcare garments. We do not sell shredding services or air fresheners; we are laser focused on partnering with healthcare facilities to provide a superior product and service to the markets we serve. Our team can create a customized garment management solution that is cost-effective and efficient for your healthcare facility.

Linen Management

Linen management, one of the most critical components of the business, is one that is often taken for granted. At FDR, we don’t treat linen management lightly. We employ a team of seasoned, dedicated account executives who maintain the highest level of linen management services. Not only are the account executives available 24/7, but they make regular visits to each facility to monitor inventory, train nursing staff, and ensure that clean linen is always available, so your healthcare facility can run as efficiently as possible. They also provide each facility with monthly reports to identify opportunities to reduce costs. FDR offers on-site linen management services and internal distribution solutions that take the added workload of linen management and distribution off the shoulders of your staff.

On-site product training is also available so your caregivers can maximize patient care, while working within the guidelines of each facility’s policies and procedures.

FDR Linen Resource

As a value add-on linen management solution, FDR Linen Resource can help you manage your inventory through our web based software. To optimize your linen supply and reduce cost, FDR Linen Resource maintains records of linen item par levels, quantities delivered, weights, utilization in pounds per adjusted patient day, and daily restocking. Our linen resource system is scalable, for increased accuracy, and a mobile friendly version of the software is available to assist your linen technicians to more efficiently allocate linen during their shift.

Exchange Cart Programs

Some of the larger healthcare facilities find that utilization of our exchange cart program best suits their needs. If that’s the case, we can design a specific linen distribution program that is right for you. Our exchange cart program streamlines the process of linen distribution to each floor, saving you time and resources, and prevents overstocking of linen, which results in significant cost savings.

Scrub Dispensing Systems

You’ll never have to worry about a lack of available scrubs again. Our scrub dispensing systems issues clean scrubs to all authorized users. This fast and easy method controls scrub losses while ensuring scrub availability to your busy staff every time.


FDR understands uniforms are a highly visible brand identity touch point. To best represent your healthcare facility’s brand, your garments should always include the most attractive embroidery. Uniforms within your facility are seen by a range of audiences, from patients and families, to employees and the media. Our top of the line embroidery equipment and team of professionals will ensure your brand projects with the right image. We accomplish this by controlling the process in-house, allowing much quicker turnaround times than other healthcare laundry specialists.

Mop Rental

Keep your facility’s floors spotless with our mop rental program. As we would with linen, we pick up your soiled mops and properly clean and process them. With quick turnaround time, your mops will remain absorbent and functional. We RFID tag our mops to ensure we are delivering and receiving the right quantities. This helps FDR ensure you always have the right mop head for the job.

Mat Rental

Similar to our philosophy for our uniform program, a facility’s door mat may be the first and last product a new visitor may see when they enter your facility. Old, dirty, unkempt mats can portray a negative image toward your facility, while clean, new, bright mats that include your facility’s logo will project a fresh, clean, modern ambiance. We provide mats of various colors, shapes and sizes and launder them regularly—so you don’t have to. Our customizable mat rental program suits the needs of every facility, regardless of the size.