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soiled linen bags

Soiled linens are inevitable. When it happens, you need the right bags to securely hold, safely contain, and dependably transport them around your office or clinic. 

FDR Services supplies the bags you need to manage your hospital or clinic’s soiled linen. We do so in a way that works best for your facility’s needs. Above all, we’re here to make your job safer and easier.

With us, your bags will always be secure. Whether transporting around your facility in our durable rolling stands or being securely held in our steel-based hamper stands, you’ll never have to worry about spills. 

Even if a spill happens, its contents won’t reach the floor or your patients’ awareness. Our TRSA-compliant environmentally-friendly bags are easily secured and unyielding to any opening force other than a trained and qualified member of our staff or yours. 

With color-coded labeling to fit any system of organization in place at your hospital or clinic, the only difference you’ll experience with us is improved quality and security. 

Not only do our bags abide by the organizational systems of your facility, but we also provide any size, color, or thickness of bags you want to have on hand at any time for any event. With a combination of color choice and durability, laundry is managed properly and transported easily. Don’t worry about managing wet, heavy laundry!

FDR Has the Soiled Linen Bags Your Facility Needs

If you’ve been looking for the right supplier of soiled linen bags for your clinic or hospital, consider this your final destination. Call FDR Services at 1 (800) 337-0097 today for more information on our soiled linen bags. We are here for you.