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A clean business is a successful business, and no one knows that better than FDR Services. We know you want to keep your floors as clean as possible so that your medical facility will look professional at all times. Additionally, we know that clean floors can help prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Here at FDR Services, we understand that you need high-quality cleaning products. These products need to be strong enough to get the job done, but still lightweight and easy to use. That’s why we offer top-notch mops for both rental and processing to suit all of your facility’s needs.

We offer a variety of mop options, including:

Microfiber Dry Mops

Our dry mops are made with technologically-advanced microfiber to ensure that they are able to collect significant amounts of dust off of any surface. These mops are strong and durable, yet easy to use.

Microfiber Wet Mops

Our wet mops are specifically designed to absorb large spills in addition to collecting and holding any dirt or debris. These mops can take on any mess, but are efficient and convenient to use.

Mop Solutions

FDR Services provides mop management solutions. That means that your mops are flawlessly clean, every time.

Trust FDR Services with High-Quality Mops Today!

Keep your floors clean and safe for customers and employees alike with our state-of-the-art mops. These mops don’t just control dust, but clean deep down into the pores of your flooring. Our mops are available in a variety of sizes, and our mop management solutions will save you valuable time and money.

For over three decades, FDR Services has been serving the East Coast with high-quality linens uniforms, mats, mops, and more! It is this dedication to our community and commitment to our customers that makes us stand out from the rest.

For more information on our mop services, contact us today for a quote at (800) 337-0097.