A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Medical and Industrial Uniform Rental Program
29 Jan

A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Medical and Industrial Uniform Rental Program

Medical and industrial uniforms are one of the more difficult and complicated parts of a facility’s laundry program. Uniforms aren’t one-size-fits-all. Different areas of your facility  require different types of uniforms to best meet the needs of that department. Plus, there’s sizing, maintenance and laundering, and hygiene to worry about.

At first, renting your uniforms might seem like an unnecessary and costly decision when compared to just buying everything outright. But, when considering all of the complications that come along with buying uniforms and the benefits of a rental program, medical and industrial uniform rental makes a lot of sense. At least, it makes sense when you rent with FDR.

A rental program with FDR is a lot more than you think. We do rental differently. We are directly involved with every aspect of your rental program, bearing the brunt of the work with our years of experience and thoughtful program development services. We want to free you up to focus on the most important aspect of your medical business: your patients.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to our uniform rental program, so you can understand in detail everything that we can do for your healthcare facility.

1. Selection

A common myth in regards to uniform rental is that renting limits your options in terms of product selection. While this may be true of some rental companies, FDR offers you an expansive selection of medical and industrial uniforms to fit your specific needs. We will provide personalized assistance in helping you select the right apparel options for your facility’s staff.

2. Customization

Branding is a huge part of any business, whether you’re serving food or saving lives. That’s why we don’t skimp when it comes to customization options. We have a talented team that specializes in embroidery, emblems and screen printing so that your uniforms stand out in addition to being supremely functional.

3. Fittings

Uniforms are more detailed than standard medical textile products. When you buy sheets, every sheet can be exactly the same and still do the job you need it to do. But with uniforms, if you want your employees to look professional, fitting and tailoring is required. We make it easy for you with on-site services so that your employees don’t even have to leave the premises to get a uniform that fits!

4. Install

To keep your uniform program organized, we offer lockers or uniform stations so that your employee uniforms are in order and stored securely. We can walk you through our options so you can find the best fit for your facility.

5. Pick-up and delivery

Since you’re renting our uniforms, we take on the entire responsibility of laundering them. That includes picking them up from your facility and returning them on a convenient schedule for your healthcare practice.

6. Tracking

Losing uniforms is a huge drain on resources. So, we have barcoding systems in place to keep track of and analyze your uniforms throughout every step of our laundering process, helping you identify where uniforms are going missing to stop linen and uniform loss in your medical business. Our tracking ensures that you get the right high-quality delivery of uniforms every time.

7. Laundering

A huge benefit of renting with FDR is that you don’t have to worry about how your uniforms are getting cleaned. When employees are left to the task of laundering their own uniforms, they often use incorrect washing procedures which can contribute to the spread of disease and infection. But when you work with FDR, you can trust that our industrial wash process is cleaning each item so that it’s safe for use in your medical facility. Our extensive wash, dry and finish ensures that your employees always look professional.

8. Repairs

Yet another benefit of rental is that FDR is responsible for repairs to your uniforms. If your uniforms sustain any damage during our wash process, our dedicated team steps in to make repairs so that the uniforms you get always look great and are optimally functional.

9. Upgrades

We keep an eye on your uniforms for you. When a uniform reaches the end of its useful life, we notify you so that the correct upgrades can be made and there are no gaps in your uniform service.

10. Exchanges

Finally, when you rent your healthcare and industrial apparel from FDR, exchanges are a breeze. You don’t have to think about what happens to your uniforms when an employee goes up or down a size or you have overturn in your staff. With our rental program, exchanging your uniforms is both simple and quick.

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