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scraper mats


Scraper mats are great for keeping your floors clean and your staff and customers safe. FDR has the high-quality scraper mats your facility needs to function smoothly. 

Benefits of Scraper Mats

There are many benefits to using scraper mats in your business. Regardless of the kind of weather you experience, scraper mats have something to offer. 


Dirt and debris are on every shoe that walks through your doors. Unless there’s something there to scrape them off, your floors will get messy. Not only does that look bad to your patients, but that outdoor gunk could be filled with harmful microbes and bacteria. 

When dirt gets dragged in, it needs to be cleaned quickly before it spreads further into your business. That’s time, energy, and resources that your employees could be putting elsewhere. Let a high-quality scraper mat do the work for you!


Perhaps the most important benefit of scraper mats is the safety they provide to your visitors and employees. A quality scraper mat will do its job in any condition. Be it ice, snow, rain, or muck, a good scraper mat will handle it all. 

Aside from scraping potentially slippery or contaminated materials from shoes, scraper mats also provide a solid standing surface. Scraper mats provided by FDR keep their traction and cleaning abilities. 

Floor Protection

Regardless of the material your floor is made out of, it is susceptible to damage and wear by outside elements. The longer water or grime sits on any surface, the bigger the risk for damage. With enough time, water finds a way to seep through. 

It’s hard to fix a water-damaged floor without having to replace it all together. Avoid this issue with a scraper mat at your business’s entrances.

FDR Has the High-Quality Scraper Mats You Need

Get the right floor mats the first time with mat services from FDR. Our scraper mats are not only stylish and functional, but they are also durable. Save time and money by renting your mats from us today!

For more information on our mat services, contact us at 1(800) FDR-0097 or request a quote.