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Donald Luneburg

Donald Luneburg | Chief Executive Officer

As one of the founding partners of FDR Services Corp., Donald Luneburg was instrumental in building the business from the ground up. Donald, with his brother Richard, and a friend, Frank Ferarra, started FDR Services in 1974 by opening a small, coin-operated laundromat. Since then, Donald has gained more than forty years of industry experience, and during his tenure at FDR Services, contributed to the organization’s unprecedented growth. As an operator and businessman, Donald is widely known and respected in the industry. Donald is passionate about the healthcare laundry business and the contribution FDR makes to the industries we service. He is known throughout the organization for his strong work ethic, and relentless pursuit of perfection. He’s still actively involved with FDR, mentoring to his son, Keith, and son-in-law, Jesse, in understanding the values and principles that he grew up with. There is simply no substitute for the guidance and support that Donald brings to the leadership team of FDR.

Outside of work, Donald loves to play golf and spend time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. Donald’s commitment to hard work and his dedication to his family will ensure the FDR legacy thrives for many decades to come. The philanthropic efforts of the Luneburg family have helped many less fortunate individuals access quality health care in many of the communities FDR services. Donald is very actively involved with EPIC Long Island—an affiliate of Epilepsy Foundation of America, a cause that is near and dear to his heart, among others.

Keith Luneburg

Keith Luneburg | President

Keith has been in the laundry business for over 30 years. Keith’s father, Donald Luneburg, is one of the founders of FDR Services Corp. Growing up, Keith spent most of his free time learning the business from the ground up. Throughout most of his adolescence and early career, Keith was surrounded by well-known and highly regarded professionals in the industry, with the most important and influential person being his father. Under Donald’s close supervision, Keith’s experience in the industry began early, and he spent many years learning each and every facet of the business. After graduating college, Keith entered the business full time, and was quickly able to leverage his academic accomplishments with the years of industry expertise he developed.

Keith has a keen eye and innate ability to understand customers’ needs, and more importantly, deliver the results they expect. Keith is equally passionate about serving the healthcare community and keeps FDR’s finger on the pulse of the latest news, challenges and opportunities in the industry. Outside of work, Keith is an avid fisherman and golfer, and enjoys spending time on the water with his friends and family. During the colder months, you may find Keith on the ice, as he loves ice hockey and coaching a local youth team. Keith and his family live on Long Island and are actively involved in several charities that are near and dear to their hearts. Keith was recognized in 2013 by The American Liver Foundation for his charitable sponsorship efforts. He is also a board member of EPIC Long Island—an affiliate of Epilepsy Foundation of America.

Jesse McCormack

Jesse McCormack | Vice President

Jesse started working in the healthcare laundry industry in 1992, as the Corporate Architect for FDR Services Corp. While working for FDR as an architect, Jesse developed a deep understanding of efficiencies, improving processes, workflow automation and optimizing equipment and resources within the four walls of the buildings he was designing. Jesse was recognized within the organization for several successful projects he oversaw, which opened the door for an opportunity in Operations. He welcomed the opportunities and challenges that came with a broader role within the organization, and over the years he has grown within that role to oversee operations for all of the FDR plants. Jesse is known for his ability to drive operational efficiencies throughout the organization while keeping our customers and our service at the forefront of everything we do. Jesse is passionate about controlling cost by driving waste away from our processes so we can offer our customers high quality products and the most value from the services we provide.

At an early age, Jesse developed a love for baseball and played through his college years. On his downtime, you’ll find Jesse and his wife driving their children to and from their lacrosse, soccer and baseball games. Jesse also coaches several youth sports teams and enjoys cultivating leadership, comradery, and sportsmanship with his own children and the teams he coaches. He feels many valuable life lessons can be taught and learned through youth sports. Jesse is also actively involved in several charitable organizations and serves on the board of EPIC Long Island—an affiliate of Epilepsy Foundation of America.