What Medical Uniforms Should Your Staff Wear?
12 Jul

What Medical Uniforms Should Your Staff Wear?

When a patient comes to your medical facility, the first encounter they have is with your medical staff. Research shows that it only takes a tenth of a second within meeting someone to start determining traits such as trustworthiness. And, if there’s anything you want your patients to have, it’s trust that your medical staff will take care of them.

You want your medical staff to look as professional as possible while ensuring their uniforms are practical for on-the-go work and unpredictable medical situations. When it comes to choosing employee uniforms, you need the best of the best.

No one understands this better than FDR. For years we’ve been supplying medical apparel to a variety of healthcare facilities. Whether you run a small practice or a large hospital, we know what it takes to make your staff look great while being able to properly take care of patients.

Here are some ideas for what your medical staff should wear and how FDR Services can help you today:


Scrubs are sanitary clothing worn by nurses, physicians, surgeons, and more! Scrubs are extremely important for more reasons than you may think. For example, they protect the wearer from any bodily fluid and contaminants.

Additionally, scrubs are practical. They are comfortable and flexible for workers on-the-go and are usually fitted with pockets to store medical tools and equipment for easy access. Scrubs make nurses and other healthcare personnel easily identifiable.

Lab Coats

Wearing lab coats is proven to be extremely beneficial. Like scrubs, lab coats help protect the wearer from spills, bodily fluids, and contaminants. They are also comfortable for on-the-go work as they are typical light and breathable.

Lab coats look extremely professional and influence patient perception. In fact, a recent study showed that most patients prefer that their doctors and nurses wear lab coats, especially during their first encounter.

Lab coats are also easy to customize. FDR can embroider your lab coats so you can wear your name and credentials with pride which will boost your confidence and increase your professionalism.

Protective Wear

Medical protective clothing is essential to protect both medical professionals and patients from pathogens and cross-contamination. In the operating room, surgical gowns are a necessity. Knit cuffed sleeves gives the wearer added protection. 

Choosing What Your Medical Staff Wears is Extremely Important

From scrubs to lab coats and various protective wear items, making sure your healthcare staff is prepared for any medical situation is extremely important. Safety should always be the first priority when it comes to choosing medical uniforms.

The best way to get sanitary yet stylish and professional medical uniforms is to work with a reputable uniform company like FDR.

FDR is Ready to Help Your Medical Business

FDR provides high-quality medical scrubs, lab and lapel coats, and protective wear to a wide variety of medical facilities. Our uniforms come in a variety of styles, colors, and styles complete with embroidery services.

Additionally, if you choose to rent with us, we will launder your soiled uniforms and bring them back fresh and clean on a delivery schedule that works best for your business. We save you valuable time and money so you can focus on what matters most – helping your patients!

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